Another great thing about the Semenax semen product is that it comes with full money back guarantee. You can try it out for 60 days without risk. Use the product for 60 days and if you are not happy, return the two empty boxes and you can get your money returned. The total return offer is for 67 days of the ordering day, giving you the full 60 days of use and 7 days for shipping. Please do not return the product after the 67 day period as you will not get refunded. Also, this amazing offer is limited to once per customer, so do not misuse it.

If you want to order more than two bottles and save money by ordering one of the big packages, you can still use the money back guarantee. Just return the unopened bottles with two empty ones and you will get full refund on those also. Again remember the shipping costs are not included in refund.

The reason the producers offer such an amazing guarantee is that most customers are very happy with the results and will not ask refund. Two months or two bottles is enough for you to see some real improvements in your semen production, and they are sure you are happy with the results. Take advantage of this great guarantee and try the product out risk free.

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