What you eat can play big role in your semen production. Semenax is excellent product that can easily increase your semen amount, but you can increase your sperm count by correct eating even without using Semenax, you may not get that good results, but still improvement. For best increase in sperm amount do both, pay attention in your eating and use Semenax.
As you have probably heard, you are what you eat. When your body is health it can produce the maximum amount of semen. Antioxidants have been proven to protect and improve your overall immune system and also help you to produce more sperm. Processed food should be avoided as much as possible and you should use fresh unprocessed food as much as possible. Processed food is very low in antioxidants and all kind of minerals and vitamins.
Try to include your diet with lots of fruits and vegetables as well as some good fat. Foods like nuts, broccoli, berries, olive oil, olives and all kinds of seeds are great for your overall health and semen production. Zinc and vitamin E are both very important for your hormone and semen production. So include foods like mangoes, tomatoes and olives, which are high in Vitamin E and pumpkin seeds and oysters which have plenty of zinc in your diet. Pumpkin seeds is such a powerful ingredient that it has also been included in Semenax. Obviously you should avoid all foods that increase the oxidation process in your body. Try to reduce the amount of saturated and trans fat as well as alcohol.
Use these eating tips, add some exercising and try to avoid stress to increase your semen amount. It may be sometimes hard to eat well and that were supplements can help you. For best possible results, eat well from natural sources and add Semenax to boost your semen amount. Click the link below to learn more or order.
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