You may wonder how exactly Semenax works, so I will try to explain how it increases your ejaculation volume and makes your orgasms better and longer. Semenax works by increasing your semen amount and making you ejaculate bigger and longer. It contains only natural ingredients, so it is very safe to use, but it is still effective. All the ingredients have selected to give you the maximal increase in sperm count. The ingredients have been proved to increase your sperm production and hormone production.

When you have orgasm, several muscles get hard and takes part in the action to ejaculate the semen. These muscles will work only as long as there is semen left and when the semen is out the orgasm is over. So, by increasing your semen amount you will get longer lasting and more powerful orgasms. That can increase your pleasure during the orgasm a lot as it lasts a lot longer and feels a lot better.
If you are looking for great and cheap product that not only increases your ejaculation amount, but also gives you longer and better orgasms, try out Semenax. Semenax is cheap and can be easily ordered online from the official site. Remember that it comes with full money back guarantee.

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